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Better to eat vegetables and fear no creditors, than eat duck and hide from them.

The Talmud

To help you save more money, we are working directly with retailers and restaurants to reduce waste and inefficiencies in the supply chain. These savings are shared with you in the form of lower prices. This is called the virtuous cycle.

Here are some examples of how this cycle works:

  • a
    A team member visits with a nurse at one of our medical facilities.
  • a
    A company doctor checks on a young patient.
  • a
    We encourage families in our company provided housing.
  • a
    Taking pride in the summer harvest on the cool California coast.
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    A view inside one of our pre-school class rooms.
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    Sorting tomatoes takes a gentle touch and a keen eye.
  • a
    Packing it right the first time requires skill and experience.
  • a
    Harvesting vine ripened tomatoes.
  • a
    Enjoying a book in one of our day care facilities.
  • a
    Future scientist works on renewable energy wind mill.
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    The beauty of summer berries.
  • a
    Team member housing, made out of straw bales.
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    A happy team is a productive team.

By working together cooperatively and transparently, everybody wins. You get food that is tastier, fresher, safer, and more affordable. Retailers and restaurants get happy and loyal customers. And we farmers get to stay in business doing what we love to do.

This is a fancy way of saying shoppers buy more when quality is high and prices are low. Waste is a big cost in most businesses and shoppers end up paying for it. Waste goes down when turnover goes up. That's a win-win!

More handling means more cost, damage, and waste. We strive to reduce handling by doing things right the first time. We transport our produce to market as quickly and efficiently as possible, sometimes within 24 hours of harvest. This allows us and our retail and food service partners to improve quality while lowering prices. When these savings are shared with you, everybody wins!

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The Tomato Vine

The American colonists created strawberry shortcake.