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Pollo asada tacos

with pico de gallo
Pollo means chicken in Spanish and asada means roasted. Few things taste as good as authentic carne asada tacos. They’re a common street food in Mexico where the smells, textures, and tastes can rival any fancy eatery.

This recipe is fun and simple to make. You can also turn preparation into a social event by including friends and family in preparing the salsa and grilling the meat. It’s also a versatile dish, as you can use many different salsa toppings including guacamole.

  1 batch of pico de gallo salsa
  Package of corn tortillas
  Chicken breasts
  Your favorite marinade or dry rub


Marinate or season the chicken with your favorite marinade or dry rub. Grill chicken. Warm tortillas on grill. Chop chicken into bit sized pieces. Place chicken into tortillas and smother with salsa.

Fun Variations

Add some guacamole.

You can use crunchy taco shells or flour tortillas if you prefer.

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